Do you live in Flanders (Belgium) or are you moving to Flanders? We've listed the basic information in English to get you started. For more detailed info, please don't hesitate to contact us.


MS-Liga Vlaanderen vzw is a non-profit organisation. We focus on the wellbeing of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis and their family.

We can aid you with issues concerning the quality of life e.g. social rights, assistance with applications, insurance, activities in the neighborhood. Although we support and publish medical and scientific information, we cannot answer your medical questions. Those must be directed to your primary caregivers: the general practitioner, neurologist, ...

  • Contact us for more detailed information concerning membership:

Phone: +32 11 80 89 80
E-mail: secretariaat@ms-vlaanderen.be

  • Contact us for more detailed information concerning quality of life:

E-mail: paul.vanlimbergen@ms-vlaanderen.be